December 12, 2007


ANTM - cwtv
Finale: December 12th

Way 2 Go Saleisha!!! was no secret that Saleisha and Lisa were my two favorites from the beginning. But somehow Lisa let her lack of confidence get her kicked off and Chantal ended up in the top two. After Lisa left, I felt like the competition was pretty much over. She was the only one I thought could really compete with Saleisha. Chantal could've gone home about 5 weeks ago and I know the real reason they kicked Jenah to the curb was because of her jacked up grill. I'm still shocked that never came up (well it could've been edited out).

I never ever ever liked Jenah anyway and I never saw what they saw in her. Maybe in some of her photos but only the earlier ones. But Twiggy was right, the moment she received a little criticism she totally broke and she never recovered. Even though I didn't like her she was doing fine up until that point.

Just goes to show what drive and determination can get you.

I'm so glad Saleisha won! I think she's so cute but I still think she looked better before her makeover. That Tootie-Bob just doesn't get it for me. They say it's high fashion and I'm sure that's great for high-fashion photo shoots...but what about the non-high fashion shoots? She looks like a damn fool in some of them because that weave isn't very versatile. She better get her a Beyonce' weave...Hell Tyra's got one.